Think like a millionaire

Think Like a Millionaire: How to Go From Zero to Wealthy

You have to think like a millionaire.

You have to think like a millionaire by becoming accustomed to nature’s law that you have every right to be wealthy.

You have to believe that your fundamental human pursuit to attain tremendous riches and prosperity is vitally important above all else.

It is your DUTY to become as rich as the depths of your soul and imagination will allow and beyond.

Even richer.

I’ll let you in on a really big secret.

You have to think like a millionaire if you ever plan on being one.

You have to act like a millionaire if you ever plan on being one.

You have to raise hell like a millionaire if you ever plan on being one.

Most important of all, you have to think completely outside of “enlightened” society’s box if you want to attain riches and success beyond your wildest dreams.

You have to have the resolve to undo years of uninterrupted programming, short-sighted frustration and the tidal wave of uninspiring banalities and poor justifications for failure promoted by broke people everywhere around the world.

You have to change your entire scope of thinking if you want to reshape and transform your entire life and your future.

Millionaires don’t think like Joe Average next door.

In fact, Joe Average next door is so limited in his thinking it’s the #1 reason why Joe Average isn’t a millionaire.

A vast majority of people say they would love to be millionaires.

But a vast majority of these very same people will never even consider adopting a millionaire’s frame of mind, much less consider doing what it takes to become a millionaire.

To think like a millionaire means to think in the most widely unacceptable, most unorthodox ways imaginable.

Here’s how:

Consistency, consistency, consistency and more consistency

Many money experts today tout consistency as the divine alter to success.

I would say with 100% certainty this is true.

However, there’s more to the grandiose formula of consistency than meets the eye.

The overly generic idea of consistency is to perform one action consistently every day until it finally sticks.

What no one will tell you is that you have to also be consistent in virtually everything else. And more.

  • You have to be consistent in your both actions and your words

When you begin an endeavor towards success, you are going to encounter many potentially important and influential people whom you will want to be associated with and whom will become part of your network.

And it’s going to take weeks, months and years of dedication to consistency to gain their trust to not only want to be involved with you and your cause but to have you be their go-to VIP big cat who is entitled to their trust and connections.

Your behavior, your words, your actions and your determination to be the best at what you do is going to take consistency from you on every measurable level.

In my last post, “My Story of Becoming a Blue Collar Millionaire” I discuss my husband’s million dollar network and how 15 years of consistent expertise and trustworthiness became the most steady and reliable source of networking and business opportunities for him and our entire organization.

My husband has been consistent in making an effort to do business the right way with with the right people from the start. And his entire client base has remained with us since our inception.

Your words are your contracts.

Your actions are your contracts.

Your commitment to doing things the right way every time all the time is your contract.

You have to be consistent if you want others to be consistent. That’s how it works.

  • You have to be consistent in your methodology and your attitude towards success

There are going to be a number of days when it feels like everything is too unbearably hard, horrifically overwhelming and absolutely zero of it is ever going to work.

You have to be able to tackle your urge to give up and power through those inevitable moments of extreme uncertainty and crippling stress and stay fully committed to looking at the bigger, wider picture.

When my husband and I first opened the doors on our company we had to do hours and hours of research, traveling, networking, elbow rubbing, arse kissing and cold calling. To say it sucked beyond unbelievably bad is an understatement.

There was so much underlying angst and frustration in performing these insurmountable but necessary tasks that neither of us had ever experienced before.

It felt like a giant hole opened up in our little universe and we were being sucked into it in every direction with no escape or reprieve in sight.

It wasn’t until we got our first consistent big paying clients and the big monthly Net 30 checks started pouring in monthly that we knew this thing was real. That’s when we knew we were onto something huge.

We didn’t know it at the time, but all of those unglamorous, stale and downright dreadful things we did every single day consistently for months and years paid off handsomely.

I had to make a concerted effort to willfully ignore my human inclination to give up early on because the bigger picture wasn’t even on the horizon yet.

I’m talking about careful planning, execution and knowing that success is inevitable when you keep working at it 100%. Especially when it hurts, sucks beyond anything you’ve ever imagined and the unadulterated hell feels like it’s never going to end.

Success is an ACTION.

Success is the totality of the accumulation of all the seemingly minor and troublesome things that lead up to something grand and monumental.

Your attitude, your habits and your drive will determine just how successful you will be.

The only thing that cements success is consistency–in everything you do.

And the only thing that makes millions is being consistent in doing everything that is absolutely necessary.

Taking big action towards giving people exactly what they want

Bottom line:

You are in business to make money.

If you’re not making money, you don’t have a business.

You rely 100% on a vastly interconnected web of people who hand you their money so that you can stay in business year after year and continue to make more money.

You have to think of your client base as your extended family who are looking to you to provide them with some immensely valuable experience–whether it’s unparalleled satisfaction, trustworthiness, a doodad that works better than everyone else’s or it’s some sort of status they seek through you to project to the world.

You have to think of your clients as the lifeline of your business. And you must be willing to take big action to continue giving them exactly what they want so they will keep giving you their money.

You have to think big in terms of how people feel about being associated with you and the experience you provide.

Are you the best? Do you have important people who rave about your products and service? Do you have your own legion of fans who support you and drive business to you simply on the merit of how much they adore you and trust you?

If not, you better stop doing what you’re doing and start doing a whole lot more or start doing something else entirely.

You need to treat every single person who comes in contact with you as if they are the Big Happy Rich Generous Uncle who has a pile of money they are ready to hand over to you simply because you are THAT good.

Building profitable business relationships is 100% integral to your bottom line.

Every guy is your Big Happy Rich Generous Uncle until he’s not anymore and never will be ever again.

Big Happy Rich Generous Uncle wants to give you a pile of money. He just doesn’t know it yet.

And you have to be the one to show him that you deserve it.

A vast majority of new businesses don’t survive in the first year.

They fail to differentiate by being innovative, deeply involved in their Big Happy Rich Generous Uncle experience and being the best in their industry.

In an increasingly commodified world full of cheap, crappy goods and services, you can’t afford to skimp on being the best.

People don’t know they want the best thing out there until they find the right person who gives it. After they do find it, they will never give it up.

It’s what Harley Davidson, Mercedes-Benz and Starbucks has done consistently for decades to keep their upper echelon, super-stardom status in a sea of fly-by-night competitors and imitators.

Delivering the best possible experience for your list of Big Happy Rich Generous Uncles is the only thing in the world that keeps people making money.

Be the best or go down as the worst. There really is no other way to be profitable in today’s world.

Refusing to accept anything less than the best

5 years ago, I got fed up.

And today I can tell you, getting fed up is really all it takes.

I got fed up with settling for the widely held and cancerous concept that living paycheck to paycheck is my mission and fate in life.

I got fed up with the idea that living like a hapless broke person is my legacy and my duty to my family and my community–that to eventually wind up poor as a church mouse is the more “virtuous” enterprise.

In every twisted and contradictory way accepted by the masses, I too looked at poverty as “freedom” and riches as “being in chains.”

“Rich people are evil. Rich people exploit poor people. Rich people only care about money.”

This is merely a loser’s ego and crooked upside down mentality of trying to overcompensate for being broke and irresponsible with money.

That’s all it is. Period.

I ultimately rejected this mode of thinking and I started looking at my entire life from a completely different angle and perspective.

I started to view my surroundings and the idea of obsessive scrimping and scraping, buying off the clearance rack and cutting coupons as a sheerly embarrassing burden on my life and not the apex of enlightenment every broke person claims it to be.

I started seeing myself becoming filthy rich in every possible way–not just in monetary wealth but in occupying a uniquely higher and earthly presence on a grander human plane. A plane that overshadows and transcends this modern new age “enlightened” existence of pauperdom and human suffering.

I knew that there was a deeply fulfilling existence waiting for me on the other side of this suffering that I never even knew existed.

I started looking at beautiful things that were off limits to me in my past and I started making my daily focus on them becoming part of my physical reality a permanent fixture in my life.

I saw all these treasures and the people I love around me enjoying them along with me as the greatest gift I could ever give to both them and myself.

Broke people bash luxury labels and claim they are for snotty people who only care about money and material possessions.

I can promise you they’ve never held a ethereally buttery soft leather handbag made by 3 superior trained craftsmen somewhere in France that will last for at least the next 5 generations.

My daughter and her daughter and her daughter will inherit my entire jewelry, attire, handbag and shoe collection. They are worth tens of thousands of dollars today and they’ll be worth hundreds of thousands if not millions tomorrow.

Broke people view this as over-consumption.

And rich people see it as something of immeasurable value to pass onto their loved ones as a true legacy of generosity and beauty.

Coupons and clearance items will always wind up in a trash heap.

Everything I’ve invested in in this life will outlast my time here on earth, while the people I love will get to continue to share in my dreams long after I’m gone.

It doesn’t get any more enlightening than that.

This kind of thinking might seem “out-of-reach” to most people. They think that the lesser, thriftier cost of everything is the “smarter” and more economical choice.

There is nothing economical about wasting money on depreciating attitudes and their accompanying inclination towards wasting money on depreciating, worthless garbage.

Thinking like a millionaire is to see tons of money that hasn’t been made yet.

Thinking like a millionaire is to see a huge legacy you haven’t passed on yet.

Thinking like a millionaire is seeing limitless abundance where everyone else sees despair and the bitter fate of quitting and giving up.

Thinking like millionaire is to realize your own potential, to see that the sky’s the limit and the only limitations there are are the limitations you place on yourself.

Most people stop believing in their dreams because they feel they aren’t even allowed to have them.

I dreamt my way to success and riches. And through a few crazy ideas, the willingness to never give up and the determination to do what I never imagined, I made a life beyond my former imprisoned existence of the celebration of destruction and poverty.

If you want to be a millionaire, you will have to do the same. There’s no other alternative.

I was a middle class nobody who went from being broke to becoming a millionaire in 5 years.

It’s high time for you to learn how make that life-altering and dynamic transition, don’t you think?

Be Well

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