Middle class contempt towards success

The Mediocre Mindset of the Middle Class and Their Contempt Towards Success

Middle class people are the biggest haters on Earth.

It’s not an exaggeration when I maintain that I have lost every single one of my friends and nearly all of my immediate family from my former middle class existence.

Every single one.

My best friend of 35 years stopped speaking to me nearly 4 years ago when I moved away and found new opportunities on the horizon. I’ve known her since she was in diapers.

Brother #1 disowned Brother #2 and I 15 years ago around the time that Brother #2 starting making millions of dollars as a professional athlete.

I haven’t spoken to Brother #1 since 2004. Brother #2 sees him occasionally on outings with his family around town and he pretends as if he doesn’t even know him. Like he’s a total stranger.

My nieces don’t know who I am. They are now in their teens and I won’t get to attend either of their high school graduations.

I have living relatives a mere phone call away whom I will never meet.

All because Brother #1 is a mediocre middle class hater.

Even my own mother didn’t speak to me for two whole years after I bought my first house.

These are the people I’ve loved my entire life. People whom I counted on for virtually everything in my developmental years and beyond–people who stone cold stopped speaking to me simply because I dared to pursue an undertaking completely outside of their realm of thought and possibility.

I never thought the people who stood by me throughout my life would disown me and completely cease communicating with me once I became determined to make changes they suddenly somehow didn’t approve of.

I was certain they would be happy for me.

I was certain they would be completely onboard and would be 100% supportive of me making the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make in my entire life.

Instead, over the last 5 years I’ve completely lost contact with the people who meant everything to me.

In that time I’ve learned very intimately and painfully that middle class people are the worst people in the world to look to as a support system or a shoulder to lean on when you begin the journey of working towards success.

It’s a fact. The vast majority of middle class people will never welcome nor celebrate your success.

Middle class people have been average their entire lives. And it’s a bit of a stretch (to put it mildly) to assume they will be jumping up and down screaming and cheering for joy when you move past their stubborn mediocrity and endless quest towards decline and deterioration.

They don’t know how to process seeing someone close to them reach for the stars, to clench tightly onto the untouchable, to conquer the unreachable, and they always take it very personally.

It may as well be a poisoned dart right to the forehead jolting them into actualizing they aren’t doing enough with their lives. It becomes a very painful admonition of the sense of failure they conceal deep down inside them, and the truth is, they know it but will never admit it.

Suddenly your pursuit of success becomes their vendetta, their animus for gossip, their cause for suspicion and their angst towards their own agonizing and silent reflection in the mirror staring back at them shouting angrily, “You haven’t done jack shit with your life.”

To top it off, middle class people have the gall to flip it around on you insisting your success is about them and how your sole existence is to make them feel guilty and inadequate concerning their entire lifetime of unwise and crummy choices!

Here are just a few indications the people around you are mediocre middle class haters:

Accusing You of Being Successful With the Specific Intent of Making Others Jealous and Envious

I was recently exiled from a group of “self-improvement e-gurus” on Twitter (lol) who do nothing but replicate and rehash other people’s content and pass it off as original thought.

I stopped following all of them weeks ago and I’ve been having an increasingly difficult time finding anyone in this sphere of the internet who is truly authentic and legit and doesn’t recycle platitudes from Robert Kiyosaki or Tim Ferris.

A lot of phony people are parroting a barrel full of swine fertilizer and bare bones malarkey to the world that is simply and demonstrably not true.

It all started with this retweet:

Then I get this response:

Boy did this one come out of left field. Yet it’s all too unsurprisingly and dubiously familiar.

I stated the indisputable and unobjectionable truth.

Average people hate successful people with the passion of 10,000 scorching burning suns.

And it works up in scale. How much you pursue, acquire and win is directly proportional to the hate you receive from the average, the mundane and the mediocre.

There’s nothing new or controversial about this simple and irrefutable fact and if this person was successful in anything at all, he would know it and understand it very intimately.

Dear Unsuccessful People:

Try having a nice body, being exceptionally handsome, having a G-Wagon or a new house on the hill and see how your average friends will treat you.

Witness how warm and cuddly your middle class friends will be when suddenly you become “privileged, greedy, out-of-touch, full of yourself, egotistical, narcissistic, high maintenance and you only care about looks/money/status.”

I personally dare each and every single one of you to discover if it’s all rainbows and butterflies to the people around you when you arrive at your pinnacle crossroads and you are doing markedly and perceivably better than they are.

The truth is, successful people are forced out. They are coerced into ceasing pandering to the mediocre people who hate them.

Successful people are turned away from the middling and mediocre because the middling and mediocre become quite literally so wretched and spiteful the two can have absolutely zero in common any longer.

Mediocre people love hating. Successful people love winning.

If you decide you want to become successful and abandon the middle class, you will have to do some very deep soul-searching and determine if you can muster the middle class ostracism and rejection because I promise you, it will come.

You will have to establish once and for all if you want to move light years ahead of the average or you want to stay in the loser pit slinging middle class mud alongside them.

Because you can’t have both.

In contrast, it paints a very different and very pleasing picture when the people around you are already successful. They are very likely to nurture your creative drive and mold you in all the ways of success as they know and understand them uniquely and personally.

Unfortunately, unless you’ve been bred and raised around successful people, you are certainly going to have your work cut out for you in moving far beyond the entire middle class way of life.

In my post “Why People Don’t Want You to Succeed” I speak very candidly about a former friend of mine, Liz, who went radio silent over my new job, my weight loss, my new car and my newfound attitude towards desiring the best out of life and my insatiable desire for achievement.

And just like “I don’t envy your life” Mr. So-n-So above, Liz and dozens of other regular people I’ve come in contact with, they have accused me of trying to make them jealous and envious of my pursuits and accomplishments.

I have never in my entire life wanted a single person to be jealous or envious of what I’ve achieved. If anything, I wanted their support more than anything in the world when they turned their backs on me.

Stay far away from people who deem anyone’s success is a personal attack on themselves. They have a complex problem that will only get worse and the longer you hang around them the sooner you will wind up their crosshairs.

Not Believing in Having a Winning Mindset/Always Negative and Doesn’t Care About the Future

Middle class people simply don’t think seriously enough about the future.

And in the off-chance they do think about the future, it’s more of a pipe dream than making any real concrete plans.

They rarely have a unique vision and instead have a fleeting, back panel cereal box YOLO concept of winning the lottery, becoming filthy rich, gauchely showing it off to the world and exacting revenge on their loser middle class friends.

If it’s not winning the state lotto or gambling theirs and their children’s entire life savings away in Las Vegas it’s:

“I hope to retire by 70 if I can save enough.”

“Oh, I don’t know where I’ll be by then. Hopefully I’ll get to collect social security.”

“I haven’t gotten a raise in 5 years but this is the best I can do. I’m stuck and can’t move up so why bother trying?”

It becomes readily and cruelly apparent they stopped caring about the future a long time ago (if they ever cared at all) when you declare to them that you are going to be a millionaire.

When you confide in them you are going to have the exotic beach house and you are socking away 30% of your income towards investments, their eyes glaze over and the contempt becomes glaringly palatable.

They think, “You can’t do that! That’s not how life works! You can’t have more, you’re only allowed to have less than what everyone else has! Those are the rules!”

Average people don’t think in terms of what’s possible, they think strictly in terms of what is impossible and will never happen.

They’re never going to win the lottery. But don’t ever tell them that or they will lash out at you for daring to not buy into their unimaginative, typical pipe dream rubbish dressed up in cheap pseudo “inspiration.”

When they spend their last $25 on lottery tickets, take that as a sign they’ve already given up. Because they have.

Will Not Believe in Your Plans Especially if They Are Big Plans

“That is never going to happen.”

“I can’t believe you’re doing something like this. What if you fail?”

“You are crazy. You have a good job here at home with benefits and a 401k. How can you just up and leave a good paying job after all these years?”

To a middle class person, anything that involves switching jobs, moving to a neighboring suburb and getting a $2.00 raise is “big plans.”

Never mind telling them that you’re moving to a big city 3000 miles away and don’t even think of telling them what amount of money you plan on making when you get there. Their heads are liable to balloon up and explode into a million tiny itty bitty little pieces.

Try this experiment:

Tell your random middle class friend that you are going into business for yourself. Tell them you are excited to be branching out on your own and you already have a thick client book stuffed with eager buyers who are lined up to peruse your products and services.

See if that person doesn’t look like he’s seen Washington’s ghost. And don’t be shocked when he may actually get up and leave and never speak to you ever again.

Not Believing in Having Multiple Big Opportunities at Once

Middle class people think in strictly linear terms when it comes to career and social opportunities.

One job, one house, one source of income, one linear direction in life, and one mission towards living as “simply and uncomplicated” as possible.

I had a conversation with a now former middle class associate and friend of mine asking him what business opportunities are available in medical equipment distribution (e.g. sales, supplies, wholesaling).

He says, “What’s wrong with your other business? Is that not going well?”

I said, “Of course it’s going well. But I’m always looking around for other available opportunities. I like having my fingers in several pies at once.”

He looked nothing short of incredulous bordering on highly irritated and ready to get out a Ginsu knife and start slashing.

He was completely baffled that I would even consider doing anything else in tandem with my already sole lucrative business that’s bringing in a handsome sum for me each year (at that point I didn’t even bother telling him what else I’m doing).

It’s not a fabrication to say that this is the last conversation I ever had with him.

Yes, another middle class naysayer down the dark and wretched hater storm drain.

I loathe to say good riddance but I’ve gotten used to it.

Ditching Your Middle Class Friends When You Decide to Level Up

It’s imperative that if you are intent on leveling up, you must prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for the avalanche of hate that will be coming your way.

There is a very unrealistic schadenfreude attitude from unsuccessful people that “as soon I become successful everyone around me is going to be jealous of me and that will be my ultimate revenge.”

There’s nothing glamorous, vengeful or exciting about being rejected by people whom you thought believed in you and could count on your entire life to be there for you through the hardship and triumph.

Hate and nastiness becomes a fixture from people who have decided that turning their back on you for improving yourself is much easier than hanging around long enough to see you make it.

Even a modest change in your attitude for the better, a higher paying job and a better wardrobe is going to cause the average people around you to churn up the anger to 9, blow a head gasket and start making highly critical and unfair judgments about you.

“You’ve changed.”

“You think you’re better than everybody else.”

“Why are you so obsessed with money?”

“Why are you being so phony? Who are you trying to impress by being so fake?”

The signs will come early and swiftly enough. You are moving up in the world on a trajectory that will garner you cliquish losers conspiring against you and powerless people who love hating you for having the guts to become what they’ve only merely dreamed about.

You’re going to find that the world doesn’t owe you anything.

And you’re going to find that you owe nothing in the world to anyone. Even the people from your past who were supposed to love and care for you unconditionally.

With the exception of the people who remain by your side through it all while you succeed in doing the statistically unlikely and impossible, the majority of people aren’t going to congratulate you for achieving what goes against the grain of their mediocre sensibilities.

As I said in my tweet, I wish to God it wasn’t true.

I wish there was dozens of my middle class friends still in my life to share with me the bountiful fortunes and the beautiful blessings I have been graced with.

I came to understand why successful people don’t hang around with average people. They both soon realize they have absolutely nothing in common.

Where successful people see the world in terms of endless opportunities, average people can only see their own hand in front of them holding them back.

There’s so much more to cover on middle class mediocrity and I will be publishing a second-part follow up on this piece.

In the meantime, I suggest you start planning your great middle class exit by booking a life-changing consultation with me specifically designed to mentally, emotionally and financially prepare you for leaving behind middle class mediocrity and embracing riches and success.

Be Well

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