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I’ve deactivated my Twitter account for the summer to work on two of my books.

My latest book, “How to Go Viral on Twitter” will be tentatively released towards the end of August. I’m unsure when I will reactivate again for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, I’ll be publishing my column right here every Saturday.

Also, part of the new philosophy behind this website is to shed a bright light on broke people and their disgraceful doctrine of romanticizing poverty. Their narcissistic self-interest is to promote poverty and perpetrate a fraud on mankind because they are envious of wealthy people.

Woke broke people refuse to be rich. They refuse to contribute to the market economy by becoming producers instead of being dogged, lifelong consumers.

They hate capitalism and rich people meanwhile they eagerly hand their money over to rich capitalists by consuming vast amounts of consumer products created by rich capitalists. Broke people buy up all the iPhones and guzzle down all the Starbucks while promoting broke “wokeness” aka hating the rich.

In 2019, being poor is the new “woke.”

Being a perpetually misguided loser when it comes to money and success is the new age folk wisdom.

Being a lackadaisical pile of crap who has his hand out waiting for rich people to come fill it with a few measly pennies is the new “poor is more” prevailing mentality.

I’m sick and tired of broke losers trying to school others on what it means to live a fulfilling life. They don’t know shit about life because if they did, they wouldn’t be poor.

It’s agonizing to be poor. It’s dehumanizing beyond measure to wake up every day hoping you can make the rent payment on time. It’s gut wrenching to be up late every night worrying if your company may be downsizing and your job will soon disappear forever.

And there are legions of “broke woke” people preaching to the masses that having a pile of goose eggs in their bank accounts year after year makes them a better person than the rich, greedy asshole.

The following catchphrases are common among broke people. I promise you’ve heard them all before at one point from every broke loser you’ve ever encountered.

I’m a broke person and that’s great because I’m better than you!

I went viral a month ago. Thousands of people came to my blog attempting to leave behind scores of unpleasant remarks declaring they’re superior to me because they are poor.

“Well, you may have a bunch of money but your website sucks, your advice is stupid and you’re a mean person. Money doesn’t buy class and I will never be as shitty as you are because I’m poor!”

“I’m poor, bitch. Materialistic people like you are the downfall of society and you need to be exterminated. All of us poor people would be better off without greedy people like you ruining the world!”

“Rich people take advantage of poor people like me! I can’t believe you think people should become rich and greedy like you. At least us poor people have a bigger heart and don’t take advantage of anyone!”

When you declare to the world, “I’m a broke person and that’s uuhh-mazing because I’m better than you” it translates to “I’m a loser and I don’t have the will nor the resolve to pull myself out of poverty so I’m going to blame rich people for the world’s problems.”

Note: Anyone who comes to this website to spout off random inane hateful diatribe will never have their remarks published here (which is why you don’t see their comments and never will).

Being broke doesn’t make you a better nor wiser person. If anything, it makes you a vindictive arsehole who hates rich people simply because you’re poor. If all the broke woke people were to become rich tomorrow, they’d drop their “poor is more” mentality quicker than a slippery potato on fire.

There’s no superiority in being broke. But there is absolute misery in it. Guaranteed.

People shouldn’t be allowed to have that much money (except for me, of course)

This is perhaps the most pronounced, most universalist dogma among broke people.

Donald Trump shouldn’t be a billionaire.

Jeff Bezos shouldn’t have $196 billion dollars.

Warren Buffett has more money than 99% of people on Earth. No one needs that much money! Look at all the poor people he could feed the world over if he wasn’t so greedy!

Warren Buffett gave $2.8 billion dollars to charities in 2016 so it appears he did feed a lot of poor people–unlike all the broke losers who haven’t given a single red cent to any poor people while acting self-righteous with their own shoe up their backside because they’re broke.

Do they consider where mankind would be if no one was allowed to make more than $50,000 a year?

I can promise you, the world’s nutty broke woke losers, that your precious iPhones you stay glued to 24/7/365 wouldn’t exist if people like Steve Jobs weren’t allowed to become multimillionaires.

By the way, if any one of these broke woke blabbermouths became rich overnight, they would never consider limiting anyone’s earnings ever again. Especially their own!

Capitalism is evil. Rich people are evil. Money is the root of all evil. People who want to be rich are evil

Fact: Since 2017, rich people have donated an estimated $410 billion dollars to charity.

Wealthy people are responsible for a vast majority of charitable donations to the world’s poor and disadvantaged. Wealthy people are the founders and creators of millions of philanthropic organizations everywhere around the globe.

Exactly how much money do broke woke people donate to charity? Statistically, ZERO. Poor people don’t donate to charity because they don’t have any damned money to give to anyone, especially themselves.

Still they have an arsenal of worthless cliches and banal stereotypes on “greedy rich people” who donate tens of billions of dollars to charity every year.

Poor people around the world are the sole recipients of charity and humanitarian aid established by world-class philanthropic organizations. Philanthropy is solely the rich person’s pursuit. Only a woke broke loser would frown on worldwide billion dollar philanthropic efforts by wealthy people and call it evil.

Broke woke people are a scourge on society. Their toxic ideas and misinformation campaigns reaching a heightened and fevered pitch as of late is not inspiring in the least.

Broke woke people have declared that they’ve given up on humanity because they’ve given up on themselves. They’ve given up on truly making a difference in the world by becoming wealthy, all while demonizing successful people who dare to fly in the face of living in poverty.

Irresponsible people promote the worst ideas. Their sole existence is to foolishly congratulate themselves on tearing down a system that they themselves fully benefit from and completely depend on.

The sole reason broke woke losers exist is because some rich person gave them a job and a means to feed and shelter themselves.

That’s right, some rich person gave them packaged food to buy to give themselves nourishment and sustenance.

And some rich person gave them 24/7 live entertainment because they’re too hellbent on remaining idle and listless hoping someone will come along and give them some free shit for nothing.

Broke woke losers are fighting for the world’s leftovers. Rich people keep getting richer by giving broke woke losers a lifetime of leftovers they need and demand.

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