Six figure jobs for women under 25

Six-Figure Jobs for Women Under 25

Many people aren’t going to be very welcoming to the idea of young, fledgling, inexperienced women making 6-figure salaries.

It takes most middle class people in traditional white collar careers a fairly unreasonable amount of time before they can even begin to imagine making six figures.

This column is specifically geared towards young women who want a respectable, high society opportunity to move up socially, expand their network and realize the potential to make a decent amount of money without resorting to sex work or stripping.

I will add however, upon working in any of the following occupations emphasized in this column, the opportunity to become a sex worker will inevitably present itself in some form or another.

It’s ultimately up to you personally to decide if you want to pursue engaging in sex work but I do not endorse it and I do not recommend it.

Instead, I have some excellent recommendations on how you can realistically make good money as a young lady while maintaining a clean, presentable image–without ever having to worry about fudging a shady past, potential holes in your employment and without having to deal directly with any unsavory or morally questionable people.

You can make 6 figures while keeping your clothes on, living an ultra glamorous life and having lots of fun like any adventurous young woman should be having at 21 years old.

Any young woman who is hardworking and ambitious, and would like VIP access to some important and influential people can certainly seize the opportunity to experience the upscale social scene and get acquainted with the accompanying highly enjoyable lifestyle.

I always say, you have to go where the money is. And luckily the following occupations will put you front and center towards living the fabulous life and you will gain some firsthand appreciation of the type of money you can earn.

Here goes…

Cocktail Server at Upscale Establishment

I won’t lie.

You will have to be able to fit into the appropriate uniform.

You will have to maintain minimal body fat, wear a good amount of tasteful makeup, have clear skin and be very clean and put together.

A set of implants will help you a lot too. But you don’t have to have implants, you can simply wear an extreme pushup bra with a lot of extra padding.

Once you have established you are up to par on your grooming standards, you can begin visiting upscale nightclubs and inquiring directly if they have any server positions available.

You probably won’t need a resume.

Your looks will be your resume.

At 21, I worked at an elite gentleman’s club in Las Vegas serving drinks and I had to “audition” for my job. Meaning, I had to meet every single male member of upper management and they had to “look me over.”

I had to make sure I lost the last 15 pounds I gained from being Miss Lazy Arse that year before I would even consider walking in and asking them for a job.

Once they decided I looked presentable enough to be hired, they had me put on my uniform and “model it” to ensure it fit me properly.

People would call this sexist or “degrading.” But it’s simply the reality of this line of work. And the best looking girls make the most money.

Speaking of money:

I made an obscene amount of money serving cocktails at the strip club (thousands a night on weekends). I also worked at a couple of casinos serving cocktails and the money was very steady and sufficient depending on my assigned station and how hard I hustled.

In Las Vegas, they give free drinks to patrons while they gamble so most of the girls never had to count change or ring up drinks.

Luckily, working at the strip club forced me to utilize my math skills. Everybody uses cash in these establishments because it’s customary to tip the dancers.

Thus when I went to work in the casino, I made a beeline for the paying bars because that’s where people tip really well. Money was always flowing in every direction.

I was the only girl at the casino at the time who could do any math so I hit the jackpot (pun intended) when I put in a bid on a lounge off the casino floor. It became MY bar where I made a ton of money simply because I could count well and make perfect change.

In 1997, I made just under six figures that year serving drinks. Not bad for a 21-year old.

Find out where the elite clubs are in your area and set your sights on finding work among them. Don’t even bother working at the lower rate bars or clubs unless you want to work twice as hard for a lot less money.

Club Promoter

This is a fantastic opportunity for cute, sharp dressed girls who love business, have a massive network, who are charismatic and can bring in crowds of striking, enchanting young women to nightclubs for big extravaganzas and ladies night events.

As a club promoter, you can get VIP access to any club simply by bringing in an entourage of ladies.

Everybody knows that men and people in general want to be where the attractive women are because it gets the energy (money) flowing. The men buy bottle service for women, VIP rooms and limousines to tote them around town in style between a lot of mingling and partying.

And you will get paid very generous bonuses for bringing lots of business to these clubs.

You can make any number of connections as a club promoter–DJs, club owners, networks of wealthy people, socialites and other prominent people on the social scene.

The fantastic thing about it is, you can get these girls into the establishments for free. Many of the women get comped just for being there!

The women are your social ticket. They can come and party with you and other attractive, fashionable people and have a great time while you make a ton of money.

It is a very competitive business but if you can hustle hard, expand your network and have all the insider information on where people can find the best parties, you can make a very decent living. To say the least.

Nightlife Photographer

This can definitely be tied in with being a club promoter. Much of the time club promoters know photographers, DJs, security, club owners, etc.

Learning photography is fairly simple and everything you need to know for beginner photography can easily be found on blogs and on YouTube.

The beauty about being a nightlife photographer is, people love having their pictures taken and splayed on the internet (especially young women).

Even better, people love having their pictures taken and splayed on a nightlife website where they can brag about being photographed for being one of the cool kids at the posh, trendy night club.

You drive traffic to your website by becoming your city’s “it girl” and featuring night life scenes from your locale. You can get paid by clubs to feature their DJs, entertainment, club girls and Go-Go dancers.

You can then segue your photography business into freelancing portfolio photoshoots for up and coming models.

You can also do freelance photography for promotional models and sports team dance girls at events.

If you’re good behind your lens, many local nightlife establishments will pay you for your photographs.

Your job is to become really good at photography and work on taking the best aka most stylish and glamorous pictures.

The photog girls I used to know back in my day easily made 6 figures. A friend of mine did freelance photog work that helped her pay for law school without taking out any loans.

And she got to have so much fun on the job snapping great memories for random people whom she made feel so glamorous and special simply because she asked to take their photograph.

Hone in your photography skills and get out on the scene and start taking pictures of people. It can easily snowball into something HUGE from there.

Golf Cart Girl

I’ll be very honest. You’re going to be dealing with a lot of drunk men. That’s going to be your entire job description.

And these drunk men are going to make crude remarks. And they are going to tip you very well for laughing at their crude remarks while being pretty, smiling ear-to-ear and taking it like a champ.

Anywhere you’re dealing with drunk people, you’re going to have to develop a very thick skin and realize the foul language, the sexism and the men constantly hitting on you is part of the job.

The money will have to come secondary to that but it’s entirely worth it. I dealt with this constantly as a cocktail server also and it never really bothered me at all (I’m not really all that sensitive).

The men you will be dealing with on golf courses primarily are wealthy men. And if they’re not wealthy, they’re pretending they’re wealthy by flashing money in the form of tips to the hawt golf cart girl in front of the actual wealthy people.

Working as a cart girl on a private golf course at a country club will give you an inside look at the wealthy elite. A lot of the men are very classy, highly-esteemed, socially prominent people.

But once they get a lot of booze in them, that classiness sometimes goes out the window (which is typical of anyone who is drinking, not just wealthy men on the golf course).

If you can handle the locker room talk, the long hot days outside on your feet (make sure you invest in some good, breathable summer makeup) and driving your cart around while sweating and being mildly annoyed by men treating you like a silly wittle party favor, you can make very, very good money. Easily upper 3 figures daily.

Just smile, be personable, act like Teflon Dawn against the remarks and you are golden. And your bank account will be golden too.

And there you have it.

If you want the potential to make six figures as a young woman under 25, there are plenty of opportunities available.

The main thing is, is to make sure you are determined to think outside the box in terms of where to find these opportunities and learn how to rub elbows with people in exciting, yet unconventional ways.

When I was younger and worked in these occupations, it taught me firsthand how to develop a knack for talking to all kinds of different people from all walks of life.

And it put me up close and personal with some very wealthy people who paid me for providing them a great service with a warm and friendly smile.

This lifestyle can be extraordinarily fun, ultra glamorous and it can give you that razor edge you’re looking for in terms of just how much money is out there and how much of it you can earn. All while potentially making some very solid and elite connections that you can benefit from down the road.

Give it a shot. You’re young. You’re supposed to do something exciting. You’re supposed to go out and experience the world. Why not make six figures while you’re doing it?

Be Well

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