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    I Confess I’m a Gold Digger

    I have a confession to make. I’m a gold digger. Every opportunity I dig for ends in a pot of gold. However, make no mistake, there was no shiny big rainbow at the start of these golden opportunities. I had to have a very long rendezvous with both Mr. Dark Cloud and his big brother Rainy Days before much else would happen. I promise you will find no easy paychecks here. And to top it off, I had to physically go out in the real world and mine for all these golden opportunities. Surprise! It’s true! Golden opportunities didn’t just get chauffeured to my door in a Mulsanne. Nobody handed…

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    Scared Straight: How I Bullied My Daughter Into Not Becoming Fat

    I consider myself a zealously involved parent. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for my children. I love them more than anything in God’s universe. And loving them obsessively includes being 100% honest about their life choices and how they will fundamentally impact their existence in the now, in the future and beyond. Mothers are notorious for gauging their daughters’ weight to such a degree that it can be measured down to an exact science. My mother did it with me and every pound I gained or lost was up for the harshest judgement and scrutiny. I am far less preoccupied with my childrens’ weight and don’t pay too much attention…

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    Delayed Gratification: Why You Shouldn’t See Results Right Away

    Real results take time. And planning. And effort. And struggle. Anything that’s worth having takes a significant amount of time and energy to imagine, create, construct, build, execute and achieve. In our “fast food” society, and with our evermore advancing split-second technology, we can get virtually whatever thing we want right now. Everything we want is on speed dial. Everything is available by texting “TODAY” to 22222. Everything we want is at our disposal. Everything except for the stuff that actually matters. A greasy pizza delivered lightning fast to your door isn’t the stuff that matters. The new $400 gadget you waited in line for for 2 hours isn’t the…

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    10 Signs You’re Ready to Stop Losing and Start Winning

    There are glaring signs you’re either winning or losing. You can only be going in one direction or the other. There is no in between. There is a precipice to bridge, a human cross to bear, a metamorphic transcendence in terms of succeeding, making concrete plans and leveling up. I call it the point of no return. I call it the point of no return because it’s the precise moment there’s no turning back. It’s the precise moment where you wake up one day and decide that success is no longer a vague possibility. It’s your only choice. I wish I could say that any Average Joe/Jane can wake up…

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    Why People Don’t Want You to Succeed

    Have you ever wondered why other people don’t want you to succeed? Success can be described as a lonely road off the beaten path. Your friends will insist you’ve changed. Your own family may not be supportive of your endeavors. Doors may have closed that were once wide open to you. And while another journey begins and new people and opportunities enter your life, the people you’ve loved and trusted for years may not understand your newfound aspirations, your positive soul transformation, your new zest for life. There will always be people who aren’t going to be supportive of your vision and that’s perfectly okay. Stay with me here, I’ll…