I confess I'm a gold digger

I Confess I’m a Gold Digger

I have a confession to make.

I’m a gold digger.

Every opportunity I dig for ends in a pot of gold.

However, make no mistake, there was no shiny big rainbow at the start of these golden opportunities.

I had to have a very long rendezvous with both Mr. Dark Cloud and his big brother Rainy Days before much else would happen.

I promise you will find no easy paychecks here.

And to top it off, I had to physically go out in the real world and mine for all these golden opportunities.

Surprise! It’s true! Golden opportunities didn’t just get chauffeured to my door in a Mulsanne.

Nobody handed me a single thing, which was a valuable lesson because I learned to give myself a very big hand and a leg up before anyone else would.

I also had to make some very brutal and very painfully unconventional decisions. Decisions that transformed my entire life and my bank account.

I confess. My pursuit of “gold digging” is my desire to be as rich as humanly possible.

And I have no misgivings about going after riches with all the nerve and gusto that the vast majority of people rail against and despise.

The fact remains that not one single person on the face of the planet wants to be broke or impoverished. Nor is it fair or reasonable and even less admirable to expect that they should.

People should not be encouraged and convinced that being financially challenged is necessary in order to live a “morally responsible” life.

There’s a lot of dogged misinformation floating around on the interwebs encouraging people to be flat broke.

A select group of Mr. John Q. Frugals are gleefully declaring that being broke is a heroic noble endeavor and a sacred human right.

I’d estimate upwards of 95% of the fluff you read online about personal finance is a declaration that spend-thrifting, frugality and saving every single penny is your “goose that lays the golden egg” scenario to making millions.

How can you make millions when all you can save is pennies? How can you save something that isn’t there to begin with?

The truth is, I’ve never met a cheap rich person who wasn’t rich already. Being cheap is a personality trait, not sound financial advice.

Further, the rich people I do know didn’t get rich by hoarding every single nickel away and stashing them in a rice sack behind a secret door in the wine cellar.

Rich people spend quite a bit of money on things that average people would never in a million years spend a single dime on.

And “cheap rich” people do in fact spend a lot of money, too. Just not on anything the masses have ever heard of or will ever understand.

My cheap brother-in-law lives in Carmel and collects empty pizza boxes along the beach to redeem the lousy quarter per box.

He also buys a new Porsche 911 every 5 years when he feels like it.

I know a rich man who owns several commercial properties and local franchises.

Do you think he uses mere pennies to seal these big million dollar deals?

Of course not.

“Save your way to riches” is the nouveau poor.

Sure, you might save a million up to retirement but it’s going to take you 40 years.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to wait 40 years to enjoy the smorgasbord of money that is available everywhere, right here, right now.

Everywhere you look there is money. And if you seek it with purpose and you are far more determined than the masses to find it and do something special with it, you will have it.

It’s really that simple.

We are in a halcyon era where people are getting rich hand over fist with advances in technology and vast ever-expanding networks that didn’t exist even a decade ago.

With all the money up for grabs in the here and now, why should anyone have to wait 40 years to be rich?

A classic example of this is “nouveau poor” hooey is from none other than Tony Robbins.

He claims that people can become a millionaire in 40 years if they invest all their money in the stock market.

What he neglects to divulge to his minions is that he also heads a multibillion dollar business empire. His many flagships include an asteroid mining conglomerate and a 3D prosthetics printing company.

Tony Robbins absolutely, indefatigably did not get rich investing in the stock market.

He got rich telling other people to invest their surplus of peanuts in the stock market while he invested in massive multibillion dollar ventures and elite league partnerships.

I’m not interested in the empty platitudes of the cult of Tony Robbins nor their high brow empty “investment advice.”

I only value real and actionable advice and information that actually assists in people becoming rich.

The only sure bet you can have towards getting rich is to have large amounts of income.

You owe it to yourself and the people you love to seek out the inexhaustible wealth of opportunities at your disposal and get your hands on some real money.

Money should be the be all and end all of your human pursuits. Because it is regardless. You go to work for a paycheck every single day don’t you? Why not go out and work for something that will provide you with far more than you ever thought possible?

Every man, woman and child needs sustenance, they need shelter and they need basic everyday necessities that require a lifetime supply of money to buy them.

It’s lunacy and utter baloney that “you don’t need a lot of money to be happy” when you need a truckload of money over the course of your entire lifetime just to even survive the bare minimum.

Why I’m Not Going to Be With a Broke Man

I’m not going to be with a broke man because no wise or pragmatic woman on earth would ever be with a broke man.

However, not all women are entitled to a man with resources. Just as not all men are entitled to a 19-year old ingenue cum fashion model.

I have very valid and justifiable reasons for not being with a man who’s broke and you will find that they are mostly just basic common sense.

A. We don’t have the same set of goals or priorities

Broke people simply do not have the same financial goals as rich people. Where rich people want to make more, poor people want to save more. Notwithstanding they are more apt to squander more.

Furthermore, Joe Q. Average does not possess any amount of knowledge concerning even rudimentary investment vehicles and financial strategies.

Adding insult to injury, 100% of broke people are risk averse and they are too comfortable with achieving the bare minimum and living paycheck to paycheck.

No one wants to live paycheck to paycheck, yet no one really wants to pursue anything much bigger or more meaningful than that.

The “frugal, broke and proud” crowd along with Joe Q. Average will insist I’m Adolf Hitler when I say that their minimalism is an assault on the moral and spiritual duties of everyone to pursue great wealth and prosperity.

I don’t want to be associated with any man who embodies any of these double negative traits. I want to connect with overachievers and go-getters.

B. I want someone who wants to build an empire

I will admit that my husband makes a lot more money than I do. Far more.

He’s also much, much smarter than I am by leaps and bounds.

He’s taught me nearly everything I know. And I find his genius and industriousness infectious and weak-in-the-knees attractive and inspiring.

By far the most underrated “hierarchal” business structure there is, is a woman standing behind her man in full 100% support believing in him, encouraging him and bolstering his greatness.

It’s a myth that women today don’t believe in nurturing a man’s aspirations. We’re just not going to nurture a loser’s aspirations of sitting on the couch all day watching TV, remote in hand, gut boiling over the elastic on his sweatpants and nursing a bucket of chicken.

Building an empire takes collaborating with a lot of successful people. It takes supportive people who believe in you and will root for you with the utmost sincerity and enthusiasm in order to see you through and help you succeed.

Success in a marriage is a joint effort. And the resulting marital empire is its overwhelming and infinitesimal brainchild and creation.

If that makes me a gold digger then perhaps being a gold digger should become the ultimate nouveau rich strategy.

Because a man and woman working hand-in-hand together towards the “over-consumptive” goal of becoming multimillionaires works vastly and exceedingly better than being a frugal minimalist.

Why People Who Are Broke Frown Upon Gold Digging

People who use terms like “gold digger” or “shallow” are just as preoccupied with having money as everybody else.

They merely throw around these terms in an attempt to shield their battered egos from their deliberate lifelong menial servitude because they don’t have enough money in the bank to enjoy themselves.

Rest assured, if they had the money, they’d buy the sky-rise, the Aston Martin and the designer dog collars for their designer Pomskys just like anyone else who has money.

Everybody digs for gold.

Aren’t we all little worms scouring the soil looking for those big, ripe, juicy apples?

I’ll let you in on a really big secret.

The guy next to you who frowns on gold digging and calls women gold diggers harbors an open resentment toward people who have found the gold and the pretty girls that go with it.

Most of all, he resents that the overzealous resolve and gumption you possess flies in the face of his insatiable appetite for mediocrity and lifelong underachievement.

We all hate that which we covet so fiercely and ferociously. And nothing rubs our noses in it more than someone who has everything our hearts desire.

Little does Mr. Party Pooper know, if only he could make an effort to change his mind and get out of his own way, he could have it all–the gold, the girl and that beloved golden egg.

He just has to have it in his mind to become the goose that lays it.

Rule #1: People who are lazy, lack creative drive and ambition and have resigned themselves to being as ineffectual and powerless as humanly possible always hate the player. Never the game.

Why You Should Dig for Gold and How to Feel Confident You Made the Right Decision

You absolutely should dig for gold. No question about it.

And for your efforts you will bestowed with the indisputable truth laid bare that you are on the right track.

You will know you have made the right decision because average people are going to hate you.

You will know you have made the right decision because you are no longer drawing support from people who supported you for years.

You will know you have made the right decision because average people are going to despise every trait that made you a winner far more than the winning itself.

Mind you not all people, just the Mr. Mediocres and the Stagnant J. Sallies.

Middle class people, specifically, will hate the new and vastly improved you and they will no longer seek to be a part of your life.

And you are going to have let them fall back and rest on their laurels while accepting their breadcrumb rejection as a sure sign you’ve made it to the top.

Rule #2: Hate from the middle class is the best barometer for success there is.

The golden maxim is as follows:

Poor people will be inspired by you.

Rich people will want to know you.

And the middle class will hate you.

These are the rules of the game. Play them to win and win you certainly will.

I fully encourage gold digging. Every man, woman and child should be digging for gold wherever they can find it.

And failure to do so is doing yourself a disservice as well as the people who love you and count on you, who would benefit greatly from the bountiful gifts and treasures you have to offer.

Rich people give people careers. They give people endless opportunities. They instill in people the idea of success and achievement is possible for all of us if we want to pursue them. At least that’s what rich people do for people who dare to think and live the impossible.

For those reasons alone, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be rich?

If you want a very special and unique perspective on how to become rich, head over to Wall Street Playboys and learn from the professionals. I’ve perused their knowledge for years and they are one of the premier and elite resources with real millionaires who discuss money on real terms.

Be well.

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