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How to Shock Your Brain Into Becoming a Money Magnet

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You MUST rewire your brain into becoming a 24/7/365 money making machine.

You MUST shell shock and reprogram yourself into no longer being a servile corporate stooge who takes a random shot in the dark and thinks her financial future “will all work itself out in the end.”

I discovered that when you sit around being broke long enough, it becomes deeply unsettling to continue thinking in average, orthodox and linear terms about money.

You quickly learn to become absolutely OBSESSED with how to make money when you become terrified of your broke and destitute future.

Many broke, unsuccessful people embody a defeatist mindset that prevents them from attracting money and lucrative opportunities.

Luckily it only takes a few hacks and simple tricks to get your mind right about your money and your ability to begin making a pile of it.

Shock Your Brain Into NOT Being Basic as Hell About Money

Basic people have very basic ideas about money.

Nearly everybody wants a truckload of money yet they don’t possess the “I’m going to have a truckload of money” mindset.

One job.

One college diploma.

One stagnant career.

One set of friends and contacts.

One predictable routine day in and day out for years.

One house in the one city they were born in and raised their entire lives.

And one bank account with one balance and one salary that never increases beyond mid 5 figures no matter how much overtime they pick up at work.

Thinking ONE way about earning a pile of money is a financial death sentence.

Start finding “crazy” yet very feasible ways to add to your pile of money.

Start that side business.

Start investing in company ownership.

Start finding ways to save on your taxes.

Start using credit to access more seed money for new businesses.

Start a 501(c) foundation.

You must start pursuing all those dreams you’ve left on the back burner RIGHT NOW.

You can no longer think in linear terms when it comes to making money.

Take a few hours at minimum every single day to conduct research into finding new ways to double, triple and quadruple your income.

Think in Terms of Human Value

How much human value can you provide in your surrounding community? Online? A world away?

What signature product or service can you deliver that will compel people to hand you their hard earned money?

$100 earned in the average 8+ hour workday (which is minimum wage in some places) likely isn’t as humanly valuable as earning $100 in mere seconds offering a treasured product or service that solves millions of people’s problems.

Paramedics make a minuscule amount of money in terms of the value they provide. They should be getting paid far more than a paramedic’s average $35,000 a year salary.

Now imagine being the businessperson who employs tens if not hundreds of thousands of people. The businessperson saves countless lives as well–he gives people jobs so they can feed and house themselves and have a career and some direction.

What can you do as a person/unique entity/expert/professional/member of the community/businessperson to create human value?

Can you create jobs?

Can you create a unique culture?

Can you create needed change and innovation?

How do you want to change the world? What value and legacy can you create that you can pass onto others?

Think of yourself in terms of the value you can provide. The more value you want to bestow upon the world, the better.

Stop Comparing Yourself to People Who Are Far Better Off Than You Are

There are studies in which people who spend the most time on Instagram have been shown to be the unhappiest and least fulfilled.

And it makes perfect sense. They spend all their time ogling Rosie Huntington-Whitely and The Jonas Brothers and their lavish lifestyles.

Then they get aggravated with themselves for not being nearly as glamorous and “not measuring up.”

Who on Earth can possibly measure up to Nick and Rosie? They are in a class all their own.

You, too, are in your a class all your own–one that can vastly improve if you stay focused on YOUR OWN efforts and distinct possibilities.

There will always be someone who is better, faster, smarter, richer, younger, prettier, more successful and more capable than you are.

The most important thing you can do right now is to stop comparing yourself to others and start comparing you to YOURSELF.

How can I be a better person today than I was 3 months ago?

What can I do right now to improve my own unique life circumstances?

What action can I take to stop feeling bad about how I look, my dwindling finances, my crappy job and my own crippling insecurities?

Learn to focus on YOU only. Turn off the comparison feelers and jumpstart your own consciousness into concentrating solely on improving yourself.

Until you tackle your own life goals and priorities, there will be no element of success worth achieving.

The realization of your success begins with you conquering your loudest and worst critic. YOURSELF.

Always Think in Terms of ONE YEAR from now

I’ve become increasingly obsessed with gauging my progress towards all my major life goals by measuring the rate of progress I should being seeing within one year.

One year is a good metric to make a solid comparison in terms of how evolved you are as person and how much closer you are to your personal goals.

“It’s going to take me a year to lose 85 pounds.”

“It’s going to take me a year to gain authority and build an audience.”

“It’s going to take a year of consistent hard work in this position before I can get promoted to that position.”

And so on…

The average person insists one year is “too long” to accomplish anything and that’s why 99% of average people give up.

A successful person knows that one year is barely a blip on the radar to begin gaining traction and building a massive amount of momentum for long term success.

You have to condition your mind into rejecting the masses “I WANT IT RIGHT NOW” fast food methodology of pursuing any major life goal.

Always think in terms of one single solitary year of meaningful work and real self-sacrifice. What is this thing I want so desperately going to look like a year from now if I continue to work at it? 12 months is a fantastic start to accomplishing anything.

Produce A LOT More and Consume Far Less

You have to create.

You have to produce.

You have to provide the world with something useful and meaningful.

The frugal crowd will convince you that consuming less means cutting back on designer coffee, nice shoes, green bananas and exotic dog food made by Eskimo children.

In terms of consumption, you must stop being a passive consumer.

A vast amount of time is being wasted on being a passive consumer.

Being a passive consumer includes:

  • Using too much social media (this doesn’t include business)
  • Watching too much television
  • Being obsessed with celebrity gossip
  • Being a shopaholic
  • Being an addict of any kind

Your ratio of production to consumption should be roughly 10:1.

For every one hour you spend consuming (scrolling social media, browsing consumer products, watching television) you must spend 10 hours producing.

That means 10 hours of brainstorming, writing, watching educational tutorials on YouTube, practicing a new photography technique, learning a new language, researching your market, working on your side business, finding new leads, expanding your network, etc.

Every moment you spend mindlessly consuming is countless hours lost that could have been spent producing something that could potentially make you millions.

I recently read about author Danielle Steel and how she amassed her $300,000,000+ fortune as a novelist.

She spends over 20 hours a day writing. When 98% of the world is catatonic on a mattress dreaming of the life they want, she’s up all night producing. She maintains she doesn’t stop writing until she’s so exhausted she can lay down on the floor next to her typewriter and fall asleep.

Perhaps it’s the empty nester stage of life I’m occupying right now and I too am a newfound workaholic, but I find Danielle Steel’s work ethic intensely inspiring. She’s 71 years old and she won’t stop writing until it literally kills her (she stated she hopes to drop dead at her typewriter doing what she loves).

Changing your frame of mind to attract money and riches into your life is as simple as flipping that stubborn internal switch–the switch that will compel you to become a world class maker/exporter of tremendously valuable and meaningful things.

To attract money into your life, money has to be your supreme source of abundance, power and energy.

Be unorthodox. Be in a class all your own. Be a better person 12 months from now. Be a creator.

Always be planning to provide the world with something uniquely valuable. Think of yourself as an infinite source of VALUE.

Act in terms of making a difference and the money will come. I promise.

Be Well

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