how to become a very powerful person

How to Become a Very Powerful Person

Humans the world over crave power.

Power is a human institution–a brutal, man-made, authoritarian ecosystem we are all part of that we cannot escape.

Human beings assert our place in the powerful people pecking order by asserting our own power over others. Many of the hypocritical do-gooders who stalk me on this blog may not agree with my views and concepts on how to attain power and achieve success–and much to their chagrin, I’ll let you in on a little secret:

Most people want to be led and manipulated by extraordinarily powerful people.

That’s right, the people around you willingly relinquish their own modicum of attaining power by freely giving all of their power away to other powerful people.

Most people want to be completely helpless. They want to be followers. They want to be told exactly what to do and how to do it. They want to be told how to live their lives and be ordered to conform to “acceptable” societal standards that are put forth by very powerful people.

If you desire power, the ability to lead, to enact social change and challenge the barriers to our human potential, you have to believe in your own ability to grab power and lord it over others.

People will demonize you and label you a power hungry bully tyrant but you’re simply doing what should come to us all so naturally–grabbing power wherever it presents itself and the opportunity arises.

With power comes great responsibility. With enough power you will be able to shape people’s thought processes, establish trends and change the course of history. People want you to be powerful because they need powerful people they can placate to, to emulate, to worship.

So how exactly does one become increasingly almighty and powerful?

Crave Absolute Power

If you want power bad enough, you’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

Power may come very easily to some through their natural born charisma, charm, and their ability to manipulate and control and influence others.

Then there are less powerful people who have to grab power wherever they can find it. The only way to become extremely powerful is by pursuing power in its most extreme.

The vast majority of people sit and languish on their arses and dream of what it would be like to be almighty and powerful–while they simultaneously allow others to wield power over them because they were never out for BLOOD in seizing all the power they can muster.

Now is not the time to be the shrinking violet when it comes to achieving power. Now is the time to SEIZE power away from others–by outshining them, outthinking them, outlearning them and out-earning them.

Be starved for power. Then go get it.

Power is in your BLOOD.

Have the Balls to Go Completely Against the Status Quo

Everybody thinks they are the next iconoclast–they are legendary, cutting-edge and uber rebellious. The more awful tattoos they have, the more they imitate the mannerisms of their favorite trashy pop star and the more they dye their hair vomit blue, the more “individualistic” and “unique” they believe themselves to be.

They are the biggest followers and conformists of all. Think about it. Millions and millions of people in American society think the same, sound the same, wear the same clothes, read the same books and parrot the same ideas. How is that rebelling against the status quo?

Hint: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett and the late great Steve Jobs don’t have any tattoos or ugly hairstyles and they’re some of the most powerful people on earth.

You’ll know you are railing against the status quo when you stick out like a Rolls Royce in a junkyard–when the conformists don’t like you and you foster a feeling of hate among them. When they call you a “bad person” for not following their stupid rules–when they label you an outcast and form outgroup alliances against you.

Guess what? If you have the gall to stand out against this rising sea of vapid conformists and be labeled a misfit, you are already extraordinarily powerful. People see someone who isn’t afraid to differentiate themselves and they automatically deem them powerful just by virtue of being against their dogmatic, tired and stale bullshit.

Stop Mixing with Poor People

Broke people are quite possibly the least resourceful, least knowledgeable, and least reliable people when it comes to achieving power, status and success. Why? Because if broke people had any power over their own lives, they wouldn’t allow themselves to take up the lowest positions in society.

Poor people who do nothing but consume, gossip, mooch and waste other people’s time and valuable resources aren’t within the capacity to help you attain power. In contrast, they will seek to remove you from your position of power out of envy and justification for their own spite and vindictiveness because they are poor.

Once again, this may not be acceptable to the masses, but poor people will drag you down. They are leeches, haters and deceivers. Today’s society has made being poor an untouchable social stigma that everyone on earth romanticizes and idealizes because every crab in a bucket loser today rejects the idea of people lifting themselves out of poverty.

I believe in total personal responsibility. Anyone worth having in your social circles will also believe in total personality responsibility. Poor people pass the buck (quite literally) around to other people who are willing to take it from them, along with their own power and equitable social standing.

Poor people are content to remain poor, powerless, meek and defenseless. You will never achieve power by spending any time with them–and you’ll likely eventually end up poor and powerless alongside them.

Stop hanging out with poor people. They’re losers.

Be Arrogant

Now is not the time to be bashful. Now is not the time to be humble. Now is not the time to give a shit about your “fellow man” and sharing the spotlight with him because “it’s the right thing to do” according to the rest of the losers taking up precious space on this planet.

Now is the time for you to be totally arrogant, full of yourself and ready to take on the world.

Be arrogant to the point of total delusion.

Be so confident in yourself that the people around you can’t stand you (but secretly adore you for having the courage they don’t possess to stand up and be that Super Somebody who’s got it all).

There’s no other way to garner power in today’s world without having an err of arrogance about you at all times. People are drawn to arrogance like barflies are drawn to the stench of Saturday night’s drunken loser fest.

Arrogance breeds power because arrogance screams mastery. Arrogance denotes the ability to be exceptionally good at something–so good that you are the king among the peasants, you are in complete control. You are that much better than everyone else.

People claim they despise arrogance yet you’ll see time and time again the most arrogant people seem to have the biggest, most devoted fanbase and loyal followings.

Arrogance is for winners. Humility is for losers.

Be the Best

Be the best, or be the worst. These are really your only two options.

People in the middle, on the fence so to speak, are blundering on the side of being the worst–they are intent to say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing among the worst players in the game. You can’t afford to be in the middle or be less than if you want to be extraordinarily powerful. You need to be the best.

I get this question a lot:

“B-but Melissa, how come you’re not all buddied up with the rest of the Twitter gurus who have big affiliate networks and thousands of followers?”

Simple. None of those people are on my level. They are not my peers and they are not people I consider myself of whom to be equal. I don’t network with people below me, and if you’re smart you’ll avoid making this same mistake.

I have my eyes on the biggest prize there is. And none of these people have it. Being in a class all your own is the quintessential definition of being the absolute best–that’s the only label I will accept, it’s the only box I will ever fit in.

I know I’m the best. This is what you have to believe. This is what you have to embody–I’m powerful because no one else is good enough for the damned job but ME.

There you have it. This is how you become extraordinarily powerful.

Power plays into the hands of people who know how to wield it.

Use these tools to seize the power you deserve. Get to it.

Be Well

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