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Foolproof Ways to Guaranteed Financial Success

The first thing I did before I started making money was to rise out of Perpetually Broke Loser Mode and get into 24/7/365 Big Money Mode.

This essentially meant that I had to stop thinking like a defeatist broke loser right out the gate.

I didn’t want a single thing to do with my former broke loser lifestyle and I permanently said goodbye to scrounging, frugality and wasting inordinate amounts of time doing all those other embarrassing ritualistic things that broke people do.

That’s right, I quickly began to loathe my former broke middle class lifestyle with every ounce of my being–with exactly the kind of loathing you arrive at when you drink too much brandy in college, end up sick as a dog for 3 days straight and can never drink brandy ever again as long as you live.

Say it along with me:

I will never stand for being broke and thinking like a broke person ever again as long as I live.

The following methods have kept me fully planted in the driver’s seat of my newfound upscale, successful, luxurious lifestyle.

As your finances start to change, your mind will inevitably change as well.

That’s why the poorer you get, the poorer your mindset. And the richer you get, the richer your mindset.

I’ve mentioned before that once you dive into 24/7/365 Big Money Mode headfirst, there’s no going back.

I will never go back to being a broke person. Neither should you.

Hone in on making your dreams every waking moment of your reality

Some people dream of becoming a realtor “on the side.”

Some people dream of going to culinary school and becoming a top chef with the vague ambition of “someday opening a restaurant.”

Dreams are wonderful. Dreams are inspiring and they compel us to imagine the impossible.

And coupled with hope, our dreams can reach the point where they can be actualized, where they may begin to take shape and finally come true.

Both your hopes and dreams are very important and they are integral to solidifying your pursuit of success beyond what most average people give up on every single day.

The problem with dreaming and hoping is that the vast majority of people never attempt to make their hopes and dreams fully actionable in order to lead them to legitimate success.

My father had two and a half dozen dreams he never pursued. He always dreamed of going into business for himself doing welding and several other uniquely and highly skilled crafts.

Instead, he came home from work and sat in his smelly old recliner day after day slumped over watching other people do all the things he dreamed about on TV.

Then every weekend he went gambling and blew all his money. That’s right, he squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars he could have used towards making all those lofty dreams sitting on the back burner become a reality.

Whatever stage you are at in life, you must now focus all your energy on making your dreams BECOME a reality.

It goes:

  1. Dream
  2. Hope
  3. Visualize
  4. Get off your ass
  5. Commit
  6. Action
  7. Rinse
  8. Repeat
  9. Success

Do this day in and day out and watch the success and the money roll in. Guaranteed.

Make a tight schedule and stick with it

Prioritizing all of your money making tasks is non-negotiable.

That’s going to mean getting done what needs to be done above all else as the first order of business for your entire day. Every day.

Obviously when you’re first starting out, your 9-5 job is likely going to be your #1 priority. You will have to maximize your ability to make money on the job by performing at your highest level and being super efficient with your tasks.

This will prepare you to segue into entrepreneurship, gearing yourself towards self-employment or whichever endeavor of success you are inclined to pursue.

My daily weekday schedule looks something like this:

6am – wake up, drink 16 ounces of water

7am – exercise

8am – eat breakfast

8:30 – shower and get ready

9am – look at emails, return calls and messages

9:30 – work uninterrupted until noon

12pm – lunch

1pm – errands and shopping (I find it’s a lot easier to run errands after lunch to avoid that post-lunch afternoon energy slump)

2pm – work uninterrupted

5pm – end my workday

Work out your own schedule where you can prioritize your money making tasks above all else and as the day winds down, do your followups and tackle other less important tasks you might consider to be non-productive.

This will keep your mind focused on making money.

Always strive to keep your financial success the first priority of your daily routine.

Go where the money is

I grew up in a small city full of boring, stationary losers where the wages were stagnant (still are), the cost of living is through the roof and there were no real substantial business or social connections to be made.

Contrast that with where I live today–a very wealthy city with millions of people, high society socialites, very low unemployment and lots of business connections.

Sometimes you just need a fresh start in a brand new place where you don’t know anyone and your market is untapped–or at the very least, it’s ripe for the picking.

I moved 2,000 miles away from home because the money is here. In fact, here it’s all over the place.

Impressive people with money and connections are now very accessible to me. My city is full to the brim with all types of successful and professional people.

THESE are the people who will help fuel your growth, who will feed your appetite for competition, who will inspire you to become part of the newfound upscale lifestyle you seek.

Go where the money is. It will give you the incentive to want more, DO more and accomplish more.

Live a Fantastic Life

The time to start living a fantastic life is NOW.

Most people follow a very linear way of thinking and methodology when it comes to success. It doesn’t even occur to them to cut corners and start somewhere near the top in terms of their thinking and frame of mind.

First they need that hallmark raise and promotion, then stability on the job, then they can afford the new Honda, the exotic vacation, then the new home, and so on.

The first thing I did when I started to become well off was find a beautiful, luxurious place to live in an exclusive neighborhood with a lot of amenities.

There’s nothing like getting up close and personal with “the life” in order for you to keep pushing towards having it and doing more for yourself in order to keep it and maintain it.

These luxury amenities actually helped me save TONS of stress but they also helped me save quite a bit of money–on gym memberships, car insurance, gas and commuting (because I can walk everywhere). I even get a free cup of gourmet coffee every morning and I no longer have to go to Starbucks or buy Keurig cups.

Living a fantastic life is the biggest motivator there is.

It puts you square in the bullseye of making connections with other successful people–if you can afford to live near them, eat in their restaurants and shop in their boutiques, you don’t have to spend any time “proving” yourself. You’ve already made it by social merit alone!

Connect with Rich People

Ever since I became relatively wealthy, the caliber of people around me has risen exponentially.

I never knew people could be so warm, generous or charitable until I met rich people.

Wealthy people foster a very trusting community to those on the inside. It’s easy to trust wealthy people and vice versa because they already automatically respect your level of success.

Broke people are always out for something–whether it’s trying to take advantage of you, steal money from you, bring you down or gossip and spread juvenile rumors about you.

And broke people are losers for very specific reasons–reasons you will never encounter while building bridges with rich people.

Rich people have no incentive to bring you down or take advantage of you. They have everything they want. They’ve already made it. Why would they spend any time stealing from your plate when their plate is already full?

There are negative stereotypes about rich people–they are snobby, they only care about money, they only look out for each other, etc.

Only true thing I’ve discovered about connecting with other rich people is they literally don’t want anything from you. Except maybe to see what kind of knowledge and connections you have and how you can put your heads together to make more money.

The rich friends I’ve made recently have been 100% supportive of my career decisions and most of all, they have been ecstatic and completely energized by the idea of me making as much money as possible.

Virtually NONE of my broke friends ever showed me ANY type of support, much less the outpouring of support my wealthy friends have for me, my lifestyle and my financial goals.

It took me a while to get used to it but leveling up quite literally means the people in your life are also on a whole other level. In fact, they’re in a whole other universe.

P.S. You can’t be a loser among rich people. You will burn your bridges among them faster than your head will spin once they exile you from every worthwhile social circle in the English speaking world.

Stay Prudent with Your Spending but Be Willing to Take Long-Term Beneficial Risks

The default behavior for most people when they start seeing a little bit of money is to spend it on heavily depreciating liabilities to impress their broke loser friends.

First thing I did when I came into money was move into a beautiful home and make my surroundings as outrageously sensuous and visually pleasing as possible–this helped drive home the fact that I’m here to stay. That this is a PERMANENT change. My success is a lifestyle and not some fleeting imaginary concept of where I’d like to visualize myself 10 years from now.

Hypothetical question:

What would you do with an extra $3000?

Broke people like my father would have spent an extra $3000 gambling and losing every single dime of it at the casino.

I took $3000 and took an online business course at Columbia University that I can use as a tax write-off (I need all the help I can get). Plus the education I got out of it provided me with a uniquely priceless and fulfilling experience, not to mention the social brownie points I boost with my connections when I tell them I took a business course at Columbia.

Every purchase, every business course, every social decision, and every financial move you make should have a long-term benefit (dividend) you must be able exploit and maximize.

Courses at Columbia, a high-rise condo and a posh lifestyle in an exclusive part of town all have LONG TERM tangible benefits. They’ve all become a permanent mainstay in my life. Success is now who I am.

In all my years of being average and mediocre, becoming driven by excellence and living an elite lifestyle is the only guaranteed way I’ve ever been able to ensure my own financial success.

Bottom line:

You have to stop thinking like the everyday, average, powerless loser when it comes to money and success.

The only way to guarantee your financial success is to completely change your lifestyle and your attitude towards wealth and achieving the life of your dreams.

You can’t half-ass it and you can’t fake it until you make it. You have to 100% transform your entire being and conceptualization towards achieving greatness, fostering elite connections and making your dream life your permanent reality.

It’s true, it seems a lot easier to roll out of bed every day and wonder if your next paycheck is going to cover your cable, gas bill and the overdue rent than it is to change your life and never have to worry about such trivialities ever again.

I used to be in the same boat, living paycheck to paycheck with bills piling up and not being able to afford the type of lifestyle I could only ever dream about.

Financial success means overcoming the odds, ditching the deadbeat loser mindset and moving far above and beyond having a poor person’s piddly bank account balance.

It means materializing a future of freedom for yourself and your loved ones and having the CHOICE to live anywhere you want and earn as much as you want wherever you want.

To me there is no other way to live than to live pursuing the very best life has to offer.

This has guaranteed my financial success better than any college degree or motivational frugality article from CNBC.

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