cold hard cash


My name is Melissa Jeanine and I’m obsessed with money.

I’ve been featured on Yahoo, News AU and Cheezburger for posting a series of viral tweets that caused an internet firestorm. As you’ll discover on this website, I have highly unconventional views on building wealth and achieving success. Since I became the most hated woman on the internet in early 2019, my only option since is to move forward and continue not giving a shit what broke people have to say about my lifestyle and my appetite for elite social status and uncompromising greed.

In other words, I’ve perfected the art of going from defeatist to elitist.

Initially, my vision for this website was to offer personal development advice for average people who want to “level up” and achieve success. Today, my main focus is to continue being a social climber and making as much money as I possibly can. I worship the God of elitism and money. That’s what this website is all about.

Note: I publish new content every Saturday so be sure to stay plugged in.