My name is Melissa Jeanine and I’m an entrepreneur, businesswoman, wellness enthusiast, writer, wife, mother and full-time game changer.

I’m always looking for ways to change and transcend, to uproot, to progress, to find meaning and direction in new places and through various life experiences. I’m all about living my life to the best of my ability, and that means pushing faster, harder and further than ever before.

It’s the challenge of life that keeps me driven and motivated to do and accomplish more, despite and in spite of the adversity and obstacles in my path.

I didn’t always have the discipline, motivation and the desire to succeed. I grew up in a middle class household full of average people who spent their entire lives sitting on the couch, watching TV and living vicariously through more successful, prominent people on the silver screen.

I never caught onto TV or got caught up in idolizing others. I always wanted more for my life. I always felt my existence was far too adventurous and exciting to sit on the sidelines wishing I could be someone else, somewhere else, someplace else.

Yet for a long time, I was stuck. Stuck in the “middle class abyss.” I didn’t know where to turn or who to turn to. The people around me didn’t care about anything except Sunday football lineups, being Negative Nancies, gossip magazines and striving to be evermore boring and run-of-the-mill.

I’ll admit, it rubbed off on me for a long time. I simply didn’t know any other way. That’s the middle class condition–of remaining the average Joe/Jane who doesn’t have the guts, the know-how nor the will to discover or attain more.

And I discovered that most middle class people (if not all of them) are the least understanding of success and what it takes to get there, from the attitude, to the optimism, to the desire to want to experience so many new things all at once.

In the past 5 years alone, I’ve moved 6 times across 5 states and a half dozen towns and cities to chase opportunities. Opportunities that would have NEVER come into fruition had I not decided to uproot, endure discomfort and dive into the unknown. That’s right, I chose fright and extreme unpredictability, as opposed to staying “home” with the same people doing the same thing, forever.

Unfortunately, as I kept on moving and leveled up, I was forced to leave every single one of my middle class “friends” behind (they dropped out of MY life, I didn’t leave them by choice), not just geographically but ideologically, spiritually and socially.

It’s true, my middle class “friends” have proven to be the most unsupportive, unappreciative, apathetic people I’ve ever met in my entire life. Nothing I’ve managed to accomplish for myself was ever congratulatory or celebratory to them–instead they became resentful and disappeared from my life as though they never existed at all.

That’s when I decided, I can no longer let anyone affect me or my dreams. The abyss of the middle class is there to suck you in and keep you in–to retreat, to give up, to resign yourself to being average, to being “regular,” to being “comfortable” with not having dreams and aspirations to chase, to aspire to, to fulfill.

Life is too short, too precarious, too exciting to stay in the same place. I no longer wanted to shrink and I refused to accept inertia.

I became a new person. A person I never even knew I could be until I decided to do all the crazy things I only ever dreamed about.

And here I am. Each day is a new life lesson, a new foundation of growth, a new place and phenomenon yet to be discovered.

My name is Melissa and I’m a recovering member of Middle Class Defeatism. I cordially invite you join me and participate on this adventure called LIFE. Strap yourself in and hang on, it’s going to be one heck of a ride.

Note: I publish new content every Saturday so be sure to stay plugged in.