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Announcements: Formerly Average Q&A and Specialized Content

I apologize for today’s post being a bit late this week but things have been so hectic for me. There aren’t enough hours in the day and I don’t have enough arms, hands or legs to help me get it all done!

I want to make a few announcements on just some of the upcoming and exciting new features on the site that I will be unveiling in the next few weeks.

I will be streamlining the manner in which I produce content–from weekly newsletters and emails, new types of posts, brand new resources in the form of ebooks and other materials, as well as dozens of other extras you won’t find anywhere else!

Revamping the site

FYI I will be completely revamping my logo, the email service I use for this site and a few other remaining touches in the coming weeks.

I don’t want you to feel overwhelmed when you see the whole new theme and aesthetic–it’s still going to be the same wealth of information, but it will be much more tailored to the upscale lifestyle my tribe members have come to expect and are much more familiar with.

I’m simply giving the site a bit of a facelift and a few minor adjustments. Expect to see these changes very soon.

Formerly Average Q&A

Many people have been asking me for highly-specialized advice concerning how to level up, create wealth and move permanently out of the middle class lifestyle.

I’ve been offering professional consulting┬áservices and with all of the questions I get, I need to delve a little bit more into offering personalized advice to my readers who may be reluctant about consulting with me for $1000+ a consult.

I realize $1000 seems like “a lot” of money. But you must realize you’ll be paying far more than that over the course of your entire lifetime when you refuse to take action, get serious about your future, level up and become successful.

In the meantime, you can now send me your most pressing business and lifestyle questions to:

[email protected]

In addition to my weekly column, I will be featuring a new Q&A column each week from the select questions you send in on subjects such as:

  • How to build/improve your credit
  • How to get funding for a new business
  • How to make a career change in middle age
  • How to become an entrepreneur the right way
  • How to prepare yourself mentally for achieving success

And so much more..

Send me your most pressing questions and always remember your name and information will always be kept anonymous and in the strictest confidence. I will publish a highly-personalized and detailed answer to your question and I will be as specific as possible only with regard to the details I provide.

This exciting new Q&A feature is part of Formerly Average, a lifestyle program I will be launching towards the end of this year that will be 100% geared towards getting average people who are fed up with being broke and mediocre into a fabulously wealthy and successful lifestyle.

I will be offering memberships, entrepreneur groups, business advice, mentoring and exclusive access to my many materials to get you motivated and up and running towards living the elite and successful lifestyle you deserve.

Tiered Content

I will be offering paid membership content that will give you exclusive access to TONS more hands-on information regarding leveling up and attaining your newly successful lifestyle.

This an early draft of the tiered content I will be offering:

Tier 1 – Daily emails on all things money, mindset, success and business

Tier 2 – Daily emails + exclusive ebooks and other materials + personalized Q&A series

Tier 3 – Daily email + all books and materials + private Discord business/entrepreneur group + mentoring and so much more

This tiered content may be offered through Patreon or it will be offered through another service I will be using to give my tribe members unique access to all the exclusive, insider information I will be contributing.

As a bonus, I may start streaming on Twitch or Google but this is merely tentative as of this moment in time.

Specialized Content

I will continue providing specialized content here every Thursday on the blog with regard to:

  • Attaining happiness and success
  • Changing your mentality and becoming acclimated towards an upscale lifestyle
  • Keeping a positive attitude at all times, especially during change and adversity
  • Dealing with criticism from your friends and family
  • How to connect with positive, like-minded people
  • Resources on how to create the life of your dreams

And more…

The main premise of this announcement is to clarify that I want to offer my very special tribe members highly-personalized, extremely valuable, everyday information to fit their unique lifestyle.

And I want to give newer people who are not yet familiar with my work a bit of a glimpse into the different types of information they can peruse when they decide to become a tribe member.

I can’t wait to welcome you aboard my newest enterprise! You have decided to take your lifestyle to the upper limits and discover that success is all yours!

Indeed, success is only for a very select group of people–people like you who want success bad enough to pursue and have it all for themselves. The entire purpose of this website is to show you how to have it all. And more.

Your time is NOW.

Stay tuned and Be Well