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    I Confess I’m a Gold Digger

    I have a confession to make. I’m a gold digger. Every opportunity I dig for ends in a pot of gold. However, make no mistake, there was no shiny big rainbow at the start of these golden opportunities. I had to have a very long rendezvous with both Mr. Dark Cloud and his big brother Rainy Days before much else would happen. I promise you will find no easy paychecks here. And to top it off, I had to physically go out in the real world and mine for all these golden opportunities. Surprise! It’s true! Golden opportunities didn’t just get chauffeured to my door in a Mulsanne. Nobody handed…

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    Why People Don’t Want You to Succeed

    Have you ever wondered why other people don’t want you to succeed? Success can be described as a lonely road off the beaten path. Your friends will insist you’ve changed. Your own family may not be supportive of your endeavors. Doors may have closed that were once wide open to you. And while another journey begins and new people and opportunities enter your life, the people you’ve loved and trusted for years may not understand your newfound aspirations, your positive soul transformation, your new zest for life. There will always be people who aren’t going to be supportive of your vision and that’s perfectly okay. Stay with me here, I’ll…

  • You Are Not a Failure
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    You Are Not a Failure

    When I was a little girl in the first grade, I brought home a short essay assignment I’d written in class about two obscure characters having an animated and heated conversation (argument). I don’t recall what the essay (or argument) was even about. But I certainly recall my parents’ reaction to my essay (more on that in a second). I was 6 years old and I was already writing essays. I was extremely proud that I had very proper and legible penmanship for a 1st grader. This essay was my very first attempt at spelling two big words I’d barely ever uttered out loud before–and certainly had never written down…

  • How to Become a Money Magnet
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    How to Shock Your Brain Into Becoming a Money Magnet

    BRIEF ANNOUNCEMENT: I apologize for the delay on my posts the past 3 weeks. I will have to bump my post days ahead to Saturdays because my weekday schedule has become so insanely busy. ***** You MUST rewire your brain into becoming a 24/7/365 money making machine. You MUST shell shock and reprogram yourself into no longer being a servile corporate stooge who takes a random shot in the dark and thinks her financial future “will all work itself out in the end.” I discovered that when you sit around being broke long enough, it becomes deeply unsettling to continue thinking in average, orthodox and linear terms about money. You…

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    Announcements: Formerly Average Q&A and Specialized Content

    I apologize for today’s post being a bit late this week but things have been so hectic for me. There aren’t enough hours in the day and I don’t have enough arms, hands or legs to help me get it all done! I want to make a few announcements on just some of the upcoming and exciting new features on the site that I will be unveiling in the next few weeks. I will be streamlining the manner in which I produce content–from weekly newsletters and emails, new types of posts, brand new resources in the form of ebooks and other materials, as well as dozens of other extras you…

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    Branding 101: How to Create a Successful Enterprise Built on Branding

    Branding is all the rage in the digital marketing space and in the resounding physical world. There are many factors which can be attributed to the meteoric rise in demand for branding and brand loyalty–from both the consumer perspective and from the brands themselves. One of the key reasons branding is crucial in today’s market is the gargantuan surplus of cheap, commodified goods and the resulting tumultuous price wars that have catapulted the masses towards the clannish desire to find brands they worship and refuse to live without. Economies around the world have supplanted entire cultures with mass consumerism. And with the adoption of this bitter flavor of blind (and…

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    Foolproof Ways to Guaranteed Financial Success

    The first thing I did before I started making money was to rise out of Perpetually Broke Loser Mode and get into 24/7/365 Big Money Mode. This essentially meant that I had to stop thinking like a defeatist broke loser right out the gate. I didn’t want a single thing to do with my former broke loser lifestyle and I permanently said goodbye to scrounging, frugality and wasting inordinate amounts of time doing all those other embarrassing ritualistic things that broke people do. That’s right, I quickly began to loathe my former broke middle class lifestyle with every ounce of my being–with exactly the kind of loathing you arrive at…

  • 6 figure jobs for women under 25
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    Six-Figure Jobs for Women Under 25

    Many people aren’t going to be very welcoming to the idea of young, fledgling, inexperienced women making 6-figure salaries. It takes most middle class people in traditional white collar careers a fairly unreasonable amount of time before they can even begin to imagine making six figures. This column is specifically geared towards young women who want a respectable, high society opportunity to move up socially, expand their network and realize the potential to make a decent amount of money without resorting to sex work or stripping. I will add however, upon working in any of the following occupations emphasized in this column, the opportunity to become a sex worker will…

  • Think Like a Millionaire
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    Think Like a Millionaire: How to Go From Zero to Wealthy

    You have to think like a millionaire. You have to think like a millionaire by becoming accustomed to nature’s law that you have every right to be wealthy. You have to believe that your fundamental human pursuit to attain tremendous riches and prosperity is vitally important above all else. It is your DUTY to become as rich as the depths of your soul and imagination will allow and beyond. Even richer. I’ll let you in on a really big secret. You have to think like a millionaire if you ever plan on being one. You have to act like a millionaire if you ever plan on being one. You have…

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    My Story of Becoming a Blue Collar Millionaire

    Warning: This column won’t be geared towards bourgeoise snotty e-gurus who read this blog searching for ideas and stories to steal and rehash while they incessantly bash blue collar working class people as unprestigious, lower rung and useless to society. This column will instead be for people who are interested in learning how to very realistically make millions of dollars through blue collar, skilled labor business practices and applied cultural methods. These business practices and cultural methods have been the holy grail of “open secret to riches” success stories written and narrated by thousands of blue collar working class people in every town and city across America. This column will…

  • Never Ever Give Up on Becoming Wealthy
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    10 Reasons Why You’ll Never Be Rich

    You are never going to be rich. You are never going to be enviously wealthy. You are never going to stop living paycheck to paycheck. You are never going to have enough money to travel the world, retire at 47 and have your designer luggage arrive at all 84 destinations on your 6-month long luxury vacation on the Mediterranean Sea. And it’s all your fault. Here’s why: I. You gave up before you even started 99.9% of people have given up on being rich. The newfound human religion of the law of averages and mediocrity imbues that if something is too hard or too strenuous it is not reachable or…

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    The Mediocre Mindset of the Middle Class and Their Contempt Towards Success

    Middle class people are the biggest haters on Earth. It’s not an exaggeration when I maintain that I have lost every single one of my friends and nearly all of my immediate family from my former middle class existence. Every single one. My best friend of 35 years stopped speaking to me nearly 4 years ago when I moved away and found new opportunities on the horizon. I’ve known her since she was in diapers. Brother #1 disowned Brother #2 and I 15 years ago around the time that Brother #2 starting making millions of dollars as a professional athlete. I haven’t spoken to Brother #1 since 2004. Brother #2…